a memoir of the first year after our baby was diagnosed with cancer

About the author

Amanda Tiernan Cabe is a 38 year old stay-at-home wife and mother of two boys. Prior to leaving the professional world in favor of her present circumstances, she was an accountant. While corporate finance can require a surprising amount of creativity, juggling two young boys, a husband and now two blogs requires much more imagination and stamina. She is just coming off a life-altering year in which her youngest son (now 2) was diagnosed with lymphoma. Much of her confidence in writing and willingness to disclose more comes from experiences of that year.

She also invites everyone to read her other blog where she talks candidly about all aspects of life. ( Perhaps hearing some of her behaviors, will make you feel better about your own. She loves writing and speaks freely: she is comfortable bearing her darkest secrets…

She is happy to hear from you and interested if you wish to share your own reflections on life, blog topics, the weather or even just to leave an emoji or two. 😁✊❤️

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